The Process

TitleIX USA is selective when it comes to places on our program, we have an obligation to our student-athletes and our collegiate partners to find talented athletes who are capable of studying and participating as a sports scholar.  It is very important that student-athletes compete at a suitable level of competition.

We will evaluate your sporting ability and examine your academic credentials. We will calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) to assess admissibility and academic level. If this assessment is successful, you will be offered a place on our programme.

We will create a media profile that includes sporting footage, academic information, character references and your notable team selections and achievements.

We will then look to take you through the eligibility process and set your ‘college criteria’ and begin to shortlist universities and colleges that fit your aspirations and ability as a student-athlete.

Once we have released your profile, we will negotiate scholarship offers on your behalf.

As a TitleIX USA Client, you will benefit from the extensive network of coaches that we have built up over our long history so as to attract the best possible scholarship offers.

We will advise on official visits and signing your National Letter of Intent.

Once you have signed your NLI we will guide you through the VISA, insurance and travel process to make sure you are ready to go.

We are always a phone call away and are available to you throughout your time on scholarship in the USA.


STAGE 1 – ENGAGEMENT (0 months)

You have decided that TitleIX USA is your recruitment service of choice, we will get started straight away.  An ideal time to commit to this process is when student-athletes are 15/16yrs of age.

STAGE 2 – LET’S GET STARTED (1-2 months)

Kick-off call to outline scholarship journey, timelines and targets. Start to create online profile. This is an ongoing process. From there, we will have an update call every 4 weeks.

STAGE 3 – PROFILE UPDATE (2-6 months)

Eligibility. SAT scores. Sports footage. Educational certification. What majors are you interested in studying? Athletic v academic balance. Financial needs.

STAGE 4 – TARGETING (6-10 months)

This is a process and will depend on the sporting and academic ability of the student-athletes.

STAGE 5 – REVIEW (10-12 months)

Feedback from colleges and universities and advice on best fit academically, athletically, socially and financially. Eligibility process started.

STAGE 6 – ACCEPTANCE (12-14 months)

Offer accepted. Client informed of next steps. Client receives National Letter of Intent (NLI) from school. Application. Eligibility process completed.

STAGE 7 – ADMISSION (14-15 months)

I-20 documentation issued from university or college.

STAGE 8 – ASSIST (15-17 months)

Visa. Flights. Insurance.

STAGE 9 – DEPART(18 months)

August pre-flight check list.