There are 280 universities that have a field hockey program with around 1,400 student-athletes competing. This is a women’s only sport. It is very common that the academic level of colleges and universities with field hockey programs are at a high level, so to have good grades and test scores can be important to get an opportunity for a field hockey scholarship.

NCAA Division I: Colleges/Universities: 79, 12.0 scholarships for women per team average roster size: 24

NCAA Division II: Colleges/Universities: 33, 6.3 scholarships for women per team, average roster size: 24

NCAA Division III: Colleges/Universities: 165, they do not award sports scholarships only academic ones, average roster size: 24

Our successful athletes

  • Amy Strath

    Thea Simpson

    Water Polo


    St. Francis Brooklyn

  • Sophie Dix playing Field Hockey

    Sophie Dix

    Field Hockey


    Northwestern University


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